SBIR Technology Interchange Workshop

Welcome to our presentation for the 2007 SBIR Technology Interchange Workshop. We presented MMALV - the Morphing Micro Air-Land Vehicle - at this year's event, and it is our pleasure to make the relevant video and PowerPoint slides available to you here.

Presentation slides     PowerPoint                 3.5 MB
Throw, fly, crawl     WMV     Slide 7     0:56     11.7 MB
This video demonstrates both the air and land mobility of MMALV.
Under car inspection     AVI     Slide 9 Link 1     0:48     9.2 MB
Equipped with an onboard camera, MMALV provides the capability of remote detection of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), decreasing hazards to military and civilian personnel.
Simulated IED Search     WMV     Slide 9 Link 2     1:06     11.9 MB
MMALV's two travel modes work in concert to permit remote aerial approach near a suspicious vehicle or other object in the battle space, followed by an approach by land to closely inspect the object.
Automatic guidance at takeoff     WMV     Slide 9 Link 3     0:16     2.9 MB
Using autopilot technology, MMALV can go through launch and takeoff, and maneuver to locations of interest, without the need for human proficiency at flying the craft.
Rooftop takeoff     WMV     Slide 9 Link 4     0:34     2.7 MB
MMALV can also be launched from a rooftop. The autopilot opens the possibility of launching the vehicle without any human intervention at all.
Ingress to narrow space by morphing     MPG     Slide 9 Link 5     0:42     7.2 MB
By folding its wings, MMALV can make entry into narrow spaces and subsequently redeploy the wings for later flight.
Whegs™ provides superior mobility     WMV     Slide 9 Link 6     0:12     3.2 MB
The patented Whegs™ system permits the vehicle to surmount rough terrain and ground obstacles a considerable proportion of the vehicle's height.
MiniWhegs™ mobility demonstration     WMV          0:42     7.6 MB
MiniWhegs™ is a technology demo featuring patented technology that permits the vehicle to surmount obstacles three times its height. (Clip edited for brevity.)
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